how long will it take before I feel any benefits?

You should start to feel the benefits from your first session. Talking to someone who is caring, understanding and really interested in you and your well being immediately helps to make you feel better. Clients find that talking about their issue rather than thinking about it constantly without resolving it is a very cathartic process. It reduces feelings of isolation and confusion, allowing the individual to feel less ‘alone’  and to think more clearly. 

how many sessions will I need?

Weekly sessions are normally what delivers the most effective outcome. Sessions are 50 minutes in duration and I offer open ended or short term counselling.  This means we tailor the duration to your individual needs, we review as we go. It is important you feel counselling is beneficial right from the start.

how much does it cost?

Initial Assessment, 50 minutes £20.00

Individual counselling sessions,50 minutes £35.00

Under 21's counselling sessions, 50 minutes £30.00

Block bookings for 6 sessions individual £200.00

Block bookings for 6 sessions under 21's £170.00

will therapy work for me?

If you are willing to be open, honest and a little brave, you'll get the best results. I will bring compassion, experience and tried and tested interventions to our sessions. Working together we will make a difference.